Our world class range of LEDs and Steplite theatre lighting systems make the whole cine experience aesthetic, safe and lavish. The designer guided illumination adds new grandeur to theatres and showrooms, leaving a dramatic effect on the visitor’s mind.

LED Lite:
  • Anti – skid rubber in aluminum extrusion as well as in PVC extrusion
  • Special fiber optic rod illuminated by high power LED
  • Consumes just 50/100 watts power for entire theatre
  • Available in wide range of hues – red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink & white
  • Tailor made to suit your requirement

Fibre Optic lighting:
Specially used in:
  • Multiplex Ceilings, Jewellery Showrooms and shop windows with glass or PMMA fiber optics
  • Cosmic effect & Starry skies
  • Wide range of cover plates
  • Available in different shapes


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I have been using SKS switches for a long time now in my organization and they are just awesome.
They have really laid a different effect altogether on the walls. They are really world-class.

- Mr. Rakesh Sharma

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